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Holistic Weight Loss

Dr. Pooja's 6 - Month Vitality Weight Loss Program

Take control of your health journey with Dr. Pooja’s 6-Month Vitality Weight Loss Program.

Led by a double board-certified expert in Internal and Obesity Medicine, this program transcends traditional weight loss methods, offering a comprehensive approach that empowers you to achieve sustainable health improvements.

Why Choose Dr. Pooja's Expert-Led Program?

Direct Access to An Expert:

With Dr. Pooja, you have direct access to a trusted expert, providing reliable and accurate health information far superior to uncertain internet advice. Her deep understanding of complex medical and weight-related issues ensures that you receive expert guidance tailored to your unique health needs.

Personalized Medication Management:
All medications, including GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic®, Wegovy®, Mounjaro®, and Zepbound®, are tailored to your specific needs and included in the cost of the program. These are integrated with a holistic plan that considers your entire health profile.

Advanced Genetic Testing:
Utilize genetic testing to gain tailored insights into your metabolism, appetite regulation, and more. This personalized blueprint is an innovative part of designing your comprehensive health strategy, offering detailed health insights that surpass weight loss alone.

Holistic Health Redesign:
Learn to redesign your plate with nutrition plans based on your genetic makeup and health goals. Dr. Pooja’s guidance extends to fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, and other lifestyle modifications, ensuring that changes are practical, sustainable, and effective.

Long-term Focus on Wellness and Longevity:
This approach is designed not just for immediate weight loss but for long-term health enhancement. Dr. Pooja’s strategies focus on improving overall well-being and reversing comorbidities, ensuring lasting vitality.

Comprehensive Educational Support:
Education is invaluable. Dr. Pooja believes in empowering you with knowledge to make informed health decisions. Through detailed explanations and resources, you’ll understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of every step in your health plan.

Join Dr. Pooja's 6-Month Vitality Weight Loss Program to experience a health transformation that prioritizes your well-being, equipped with the best medical, nutritional, and lifestyle tools. Ready to change your life? Contact us today to start your; path to sustainable health with a trusted medical expert by your side. ​

Your Premier Choice for Concierge Care

As a distinguished figure in concierge medicine, Dr. Pooja Gidwani specializes in primary care, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation. Her philosophy focuses on the interconnectedness of physical health, mental well-being, and self-esteem. Her concierge service focuses on personalized and comprehensive care, ensuring each patient is heard and valued. With Dr. Gidwani, achieve optimal health and elevated self-confidence through care tailored to your unique needs.