Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Patients without insurance coverage for Dr. Gidwani’s services can still schedule a visit, having the option to submit a superbill for potential reimbursement or utilize Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). While Dr. Gidwani’s direct services may not be covered, your insurance can still be used for prescription, lab tests, and imaging services.

A superbill is a detailed invoice that lists the services provided during your visit, including any necessary codes needed for insurance purposes, that can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. While reimbursement depends on your insurance and cannot be guaranteed, a superbill can still help you use any of your out-of-network benefits.

Yes, you can! Although Dr. Gidwani’s services utilize a direct payment model, you are still able to use your insurance for prescription medications, lab work, and imaging services, which will be provided or referred by Dr. Gidwani.

Payment will be required during the time of visit. For concierge services, an annual or monthly fee is typically used. For any questions or further information regarding costs and payment options, please feel free to contact Dr. Gidwani’s office. 

Choosing Dr. Gidwani, who utilizes a direct payment method rather than insurance, will provide you with more personalized and attentive care, extensive appointment times with little to no waiting times, and a direct focus on your health and wellness. Her aim is to give you the highest quality care without any constraints imposed by insurance. With a direct payment model, Dr. Gidwani’s services are guaranteed to be centered only around you.

Concierge medicine is a healthcare model where patients are able to pay a membership fee in exchange for enhanced personalized services. It is intended to let patients have more direct access to medical care, which can include same-day and next-day appointments (depending on availability), longer appointment times, and 24/7 availability for critical situations.

No, patients do not have to be members to book an appointment. Dr. Gidwani will see you for primary care services, weight loss, primary care, etc. whether you’re a member or not. And you can always become a member at any time!

Concierge medicine allows for personalized, accessible care––where you’ll be able to have flexibility in scheduling appointments while experiencing longer appointment times and shorter wait times. Your experience is according to your lifestyle, as Dr. Gidwani offers options such as in-person appointments, house calls, and virtual appointments––which can be booked same-day or next-day depending on availability! Here, the priority will always be you and your needs.

No, Dr. Gidwani’s practice uses a direct payment model and does not accept insurance in order to fulfill a more patient-centric focus. This system allows Dr. Gidwani to prioritize your needs over an insurance company’s, enabling personalized quality care 24/7.

Meet with Dr. Gidwani virtually! From the comfort of your home or even if you’re out of town, Dr. Gidwani is easy to access any day at any time. To book a virtual appointment, click here.

For cost, concierge medicine can vary depending on different factors, including the range of services offered, the practice’s location, and the physician’s personalized approach tailored for you. Usually, concierge practices will charge an annual or monthly free, designed to cover the services provided. These fees reflect the  enhanced accessibility, extended consultation times, and comprehensive care coordination that Dr. Gidwani provides. contact us to discuss any specific questions about costs for your personalized care with Dr. Gidwani today.

Dr. Gidwani offers a range of services, which includes weight loss, skin care, concierge medicine, and primary care services, which includes: preventative care, managing chronic conditions, health screenings, COVID-19 testing and treatment, and addressing acute medical concerns. Dr. Gidwani is well-equipped to handle an array of health issues to guide her patients towards optimal health and wellness.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may or may not need a referral to see a specialist. Dr. Gidwani can provide referrals if necessary. It’s important to check with your insurance provider about their specific requirements.

Dr. Gidwani asks her patients to bring a summary of one’s medical history, a list of any current medications, and any recent lab or imaging results. Additionally, having an idea of health concerns and goals to discuss with Dr. Gidwani is strongly encouraged.

Yes! Ideal for travelers visiting California, long-distance patients, those with busy schedules, or sick patients looking for acute consultations, Dr. Gidwani’s telemedicine services provide the same personalized care as in-person or house-call appointments.

In remaining committed to ongoing medical education, Dr. Gidwani regularly participates in medical conferences and workshops to ensure she stays up-to-date with the latest primary care advancements in her continued dedication in providing the best possible care for her patients. If you’re interested in learning more about the latest primary care advancements, please consult Dr. Gidwani’s informative blogs.

When experiencing a medical emergency, immediately call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. Dr. Gidwani is available for urgent care issues during office hours, but any emergency situations need immediate, specialized attention. 

Yes! One of Dr. Gidwani’s specialties is lifestyle and wellness coaching, in which she provides guidance on nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep optimization, among other aspects of a healthy lifestyle tailored to her patient’s individual needs. Click here to book a dedicated lifestyle consultation with Dr. Gidwani. This can be done for patients outside of California as well.